Antiaging Food

Antiaging Food

A variety of anti-aging food reduces the damage of time

The best defense against the ravages of time may be an inside-out approach through a diet of anti-aging food. A diet of anti-aging food won’t only keep you looking better, it actually can help you maintain a longer, healthier life by reducing risks for chronic ailments.

Some doctors and nutritionists place foods in three categories: inflammatory, neutral and anti-inflammatory. Individuals on the hunt for anti-aging food should fill their menus with anti-inflammatory foods like acai fruit.

Antiaging Food

Here are some other foods that can play a central role in an anti-aging diet:


The American Heart Association recommends fish – especially salmon, tuna and halibut -- twice a week in an anti-aging diet for the omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and promote heart health.


When it comes to an anti-aging diet, vitamins A, C and E have become the go-to nutrients. But Vitamin K is getting more attention because of the role it plays in improving bone density, which is important in the fight against osteoporosis. The good news is you can get one and a half times the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin K in your anti-aging diet through one cup of spinach.

Allium vegetables:

This category of anti-aging food includes onions, leeks and chives, which have anti-inflammatory qualities. Garlic is almost a miraculous anti-aging food, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.


This anti-aging food gives your meals a little Indian spice that should become a staple because of the antioxidant curcumin it contains. Research done at UCLA concludes this anti-aging food includes curcumin, which helps keep Alzheimer’s at bay by discouraging the growth of amyloid plaques, a protein that is toxic to the brain.


When Europeans first were introduced to tomatoes centuries ago, many thought they were poisonous. But researchers at Manchester and Newcastle universities in the UK have discovered this anti-aging food helps protect skin against aging.


Rich in folic acid, this anti-aging food is great for the heart, skin and bones.


Not only are the healthy fats in nuts beneficial to maintaining elastin and collagen in skin, this anti-aging food also provides vitamin B, essential for heart and brain health.